Season 1 finale with the Hammond XK


Hi, so we are at the Season 1 finale of the Hammond for hire video blog and this time we look at the Hammond XK. Thanks for stopping by and sticking with them and rest assured more Hammond video goodness will be on its way soon after I do a quick tour of Europe.

In the latest instalment we crack open the new boy, the Hammond XK-Pro. we run through its controls and then compare it to the mighty C3 (just out of shot)

As I say, thanks for stopping by and your feedback in invaluable to me (thanks for all the people who have commented and messaged me throughout this season!). Please feel free to get in touch, what do you want to see next, what have I missed? for example, I have a lot of Clonewheel Organs in my studio so I was thinking of doing a rundown of them all and comparing them to the original, trying to make them all sound as close to the C3 as possible and showing you how. that might be my next few blogs I think!

Keep in touch guys, have a great summer break whatever it is you are up to and I’ll see you on the flip side!



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