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I hate winter, but I’m not going to go on about it. Well, I probably am a bit. I’ve got a bit of that S.A.D whereby the cold and dark winter mornings and evenings seem to get me down. In fact I hate the 21st June as the nights draw closer by a minute each day from that point on but am consoled during the dark winter by the 23rd December being one minute longer than the previous day.

Today however I am feeling good. I’m recovering from a virus and have been very tired but it seems to be lifting in huge chunks day by day and today is a good day. The only good thing about being signed off work and feeling lifeless that I could see was having my practice keyboard set-up and ready to go in my bedroom. This meant that very little energy could be used getting to it and I could practice for 7 days! It never really works like that and at the beginning I was too tired to even do that but I did get some hours in and that’s a welcome bonus.

Hammond Organ and Korg Piano

But what to practice? Well, my warm ups and tricks always, scales less so – not a great fan of practising scales and I’ve paid my dues with those over the years so let it go.

Its good to have structure and purpose sometimes when rehearsing on your own so what to do? Being a Hammond Organ player with a similar style to Jon Lord I am certainly considering mimicking him in one of my new projects so I bang on Deep Purple In Rock and play along to it. The Hammond sound I have is so similar in tone to the original that I have to turn it up at one point to see if its working – this is very pleasing!


Anyway, back in the land of the living now and the other day I started this blog post and I was heartened by the lovely reply that the excellent Andrew Giddings (ex- Jethro Tull and much more) put up on the blog. He is a terrific musician and I would urge you to hop over to his site and see what’s going on over there.

I’ve seen him play with Jethro Tull many times and one thing that struck me about his playing is his accuracy and the effort taken to authentically recreate the sounds and feel of the original instruments in a band that stretch over 40 years. One year he was even playing mandolin parts on his synth!

In other news the remaining members of Green Head Man are working with diaries to get together and have a chat to discuss what/if anything we decide to do together as musicians in the future. I could gush about that band for a while but until I have really got to grips with the point of this blog I wont, you can read as much as you like about them via the website or my previous blog suffice to say that I really do consider Tim the bass player to be one of the best around, both signed and unsigned, and I think that he and I will put something together early in the New Year. Ron the drummer is also awesome obviously and we are looking to continue the Blues and Soul Orchestra concept “Chains” into the future.


I’m still available and looking around for a band to form or join and I think as the months roll on I will have 2 or 3 musical interests with varying degrees of commitments as my work/life/kids can sustain so please do get in touch.

I’m pleased to say that I have been able to register www.hammondforhire.com as a domain to park this blog on and you can reach me on nick@hammondforhire.com if you want to say “Hi”.


See you soon


PS: Been listening to Alan Partridge’s audio book (as ready by Alan himself), “I partridge, we need to talk about Alan”, all week. It’s 7 hours long and I have just 30 minutes left of the book but I am worried that its making me talk and write like him! Particularly liked the scene when on the death of her mother his gives his assistant “Flexi-grief” of no more than 36 hours to be taken in chunks of no more than but equal to 3 hour stints.

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