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Here’s a little intermission whilst I prepare my next blog:


Whilst you are enjoying this intermissions I’ll bring you to date with what’s going on. I’ve had a few offers of bands and gigs of late which is truly humbling when you consider that I haven’t really advertised apart from on this blog.

Probably best I don’t divulge the band names here for political reasons but there was a nice Stourbridge (West Mids, UK) based outfit, a great Mod Band, A paid Soul gig and a progressive Rock gig based in Antwerp! That’s not too bad really.

I met with one of the bands last night and had a Jam(m) and it was very enjoyable. I had taken the precaution of stalking them and learning pretty much their entire headline set for the evening (30 songs). This is both enjoyable, professional and a good indicator or your level and intent I find. If you can do it when auditioning then do I think it has the required impact and effect. Unless its an early Genesis covers band of course.

Nice bunch of guys, I got on with the singer and Drummer particularly well and think I could fit in to the band. It was just a little away from where I want to be at the moment so having spoken with them our paths might cross some time in the future. Good luck guys.

So, onwards and upwards (or at least sideways). Some of my old band will be popping to meet a fabulous singer (hopefully – meet not fabulous!) next week and see what we can create for our respective ashes …

See you soon


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