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My name is Nick and I am a Rock Hammond Organ player, as opposed to a church or fairground one. I also play piano and synths and until recently I was in an excellent, locally acclaimed, band called Green Head Man.

Following the bands demise in October and after a three year run I am now looking to play Hammond Organ in a new band. The ‘For Hire’ tag is to make the point that I am not interested in not gigging, rehearsing is great – I love it – but the idea is to get out there and gig. Every other week is fine.

I’ve been playing specifically Organ since 1983 working my way up through the clones (Bontempi!, Yamaha SK20, Hammond XB-2) to my current Keyboard a Hammond XK3c which I marry up to either my Leslie 2101 or NEO Ventilator depending on the need. My Piano is a Korg Stage Vintage SV-1 and my synth is 90’s mother the Roland XP-80.

I have put my style as rock but really its anything, the style I play well is using that overdriven Deep Purple sound and a lot of the techniques that Jon Lord and Keith Emerson deploy (minus knife). I am completely engrossed on stage and 100% committed to the now. Visually this works very well as you will see (hopefully) below.

I’m like a lead guitarist on the Hammond. No, I don’t sit down!

[youtube=] Until recently I blogged about being in my last band and after a succesful import from Blogspot I have managed to publish it on this site too. You can checkout my YouTube channel for more info and if you need me, drop me a line on



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