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My Review of the Hammond XK-5

Hammond Organs
Recently I was fortunate enough to meet up with my friends at Hammond UK to have an extended test of the new Hammond XK-5 and XK-Pro systems. I enjoy meeting up with Malc and Barrie and enjoyed having a good “nerd-out” one rainy Thursday I afternoon as took my place on the stool in front…
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S3 E6: The Hammond XK3 vs C3

Hi, so we are at the Season 1 finale of the Hammond for hire video blog and this time we look at the Hammond XK. Thanks for stopping by and sticking with them and rest assured more Hammond video goodness will be on its way soon after I do a quick tour of Europe. In…
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The new flagship Hammond XK-5

Hammond XK-5 the new flagship

Hammond Organs
Morning, So, The new Hammond XK-5 eh? We have waited a while for this, and for good reason, under the hood much has changed. Much has been said too in the technical media about this new offering and as I haven’t yet got my hands on one I will curate opinion for you in these…
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About Me

Nick Foley, Hammond Organ Player My name is Nick and I’ve been a Hammond organ player for three quarters of my life. I’m based in the British Midlands and am fascinated and/or obsessed (depending upon your viewpoint) by all things Hammond. Over the last three decades, I’ve worked my way up through many of the…
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Autumn 2019 Update

Gigging, Hammond Organs
Hi Folks how are you all doing? Just a quick update on whats going on with Hammond For Hire currently. There will be a couple of new videos coming soon, by popular demand. One will be the test of overdrive pedals using the Hammond XK-5 and a Leslie 145 (pedals will include Boss, Lounsberry, MXR…
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S4 E2: How to upgrade the stock Leslie driver

Leslie Cabs, Video
Hi folks, this week I finally took delivery of a package that would enable me to upgrade the stock Leslie driver on my 145. My ‘stock’ Leslie 145 My 145 is my go to gigging Leslie and subsequently gets a lot of use. The amp is from 1974/5 and is only 40watts and sometimes when…
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S4 E1: Getting that Jon Lord Sound

Hammond Organs, Leslie Cabs, Video
In my vlog this week I look at getting that stationary overdrive sound from the late 60’s and 70’s from my Hammond XK-5. You know the sound, think Deep Purple Black Night or Highway Star, dirty with no vibrato. I look at the best way to achieve this sound and also compare the Neo Ventilator…
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A new venue

Morning guys, I had the pleasure of playing a new venue (to me) last week in Derby. A very nice place called The Flower Pot, a venue with a lot of history and character. I thought I might do a sort of day-in-the-life run through of how it went, for those of you who are…
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