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My name is Nick and I’ve been a Hammond organ player for three quarters of my life. I’m based in the British Midlands and am fascinated and/or obsessed (depending upon your viewpoint) by all things Hammond. Over the last three decades, I’ve worked my way up through many of the best organ clones to arrive at my current setup of a Hammond XK-Pro rig for touring and a 1960 Hammond C3 organ for recording. I use these with a Lounsberry Organ Grinder pedal and either a Leslie 122 or 145.

I’m a busy musician and session player, previous winner of Hammond USA’s international “Riff Off” championship and the founder of the online Jon Lord Appreciation Society which now has more than 5,500 members. Read more about me here.


Latest Articles

Autumn 2019 Update

Gigging, Hammond Organs
Hi Folks how are you all doing? Just a quick update on whats going on with Hammond For Hire currently. There will be a couple of new videos coming soon, by popular demand. One will be the test of overdrive pedals using the Hammond XK-5 and a Leslie 145 (pedals will include Boss, Lounsberry, MXR…
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S4 E2: How to upgrade the stock Leslie driver

Leslie Cabs, Video
Hi folks, this week I finally took delivery of a package that would enable me to upgrade the stock Leslie driver on my 145. My ‘stock’ Leslie 145 My 145 is my go to gigging Leslie and subsequently gets a lot of use. The amp is from 1974/5 and is only 40watts and sometimes when…
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If you’re struggling with any aspect of the Hammond Organ sound and feel I might be able to help, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Likewise if you’re an instrument manufacturer or retailer and need a little consumer feedback, I’m always happy to assist.

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